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to family, community, and culture.

Beginning in Uganda, YouBelong, a charity registered in England and Wales, will provide grants so that a new pathway of ‘care in the community’ in East Africa, can be developed and pioneered which facilitates the movement of people from institutions like mental hospitals to strengthened families and communities capable of providing the support and opportunities necessary for these women, men, girls, and boys to establish meaningful lives in society. Learn More

The Challenge

The ChallengeIn resource-constrained settings in low and middle income countries, institutions like mental hospitals, prisons, juvenile detention centres, and orphanages, often lack the human and capital resources to provide the level of care required. Families and communities lack adequate support to provide care for those returning to their local community or village. Continue

Our Model

The YouBelong model for “care in the community” centres around a ‘bridge’ built between institutions and the community from which a clear pathway of care and opportunity for people leaving institutions emerges. Continue

YouBelong HOME : Uganda project

Working in partnership with the national referral mental hospital in Uganda, YouBelong Uganda will implement YouBelong HOME, a four-year programme which prepares and then transports people ready for discharge back to their families and communities, and works with individuals, families, and local communities to prevent relapse and return to institutional life. Though it will have its roots in Uganda, the YouBelong HOME model will be replicable for use throughout East Africa. Learn More

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